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Benz Company and Airbus Company have agreed to invest on an island wide free ambulance service to be operated by land and air.

Minister of Health, Nutrition and indigenous service Dr Rajitha Senarathna who is on a visit to Germany met with the two companies and German Government Economic and Finance grant bank officers on 16th May.  

Airbus Company in Germany has agreed to provide 24 helicopters to transport patients at times natural disasters and calamities.  

Minister Rajitha Senarathna said that the Benz company has agreed to provide 1050 ambulances and 240 Emergency disaster vehicles.

The Ambulance service of the Indian Government which is operating now provides a great service to the people.  The minister appreciated the support of Germany for starting an ambulance service such as that provided by India.

Minister Senarathna said that this is a low interest investment cost and said that it will be started soon. He appraised German delegation about the need of such a service and they appreciated it.

The human capital needed for the service will be from Sri Lanka and Benz Company has agreed to provide them with the necessary training.