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The dire need is to find her a partner is for Natasha’s grandmother
During the period when Natasha excelled as a singer and an actress many were interested in knowing whether she was involved with anyone.For further education Natasha had once more had gone abroad. When hearing about her stories any one would feel very sorrow. Now it is learnt that Natasha is back in Sri Lanka with her grandmother.The latest about her is that a suitable fiancé is been looked for her. I will do whatever my mother says, which she had disclosed to the media.In yesterdays ‘Ridma’ tabloid edition ofLakbima newspaper, she had said mother not to her real mother but to her grandmother.It has been confirmed that Natasha had been born in Italy. She had got separated from her parents when she was flown when an infant to Sri Lanka in a ‘cradle’ to her grandmother Manel Amarasekara to bring her up.Now she is 21 years old. At present she is pursuing her studies in law. The responsibility of finding a partner for her is on the shoulders of her grandmother. This had been revealed to the newspaper."The manner it has been disclosed is as “In today’s context looking after a young girl is a difficult proposition. I am carrying a big burden on my head. I need to get relieved of this responsibility by finding a suitable partner for this girl.