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 US Army War College exhibition features Sri Lanka

The annual "Know Your World" public exhibition conducted by the International Fellows at the United States Army War College (USAWC) was successfully held in Carlisle, Pennsylvania recently (7th Nov).

Sri Lankan participation at the exhibition saw its booth, organized by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Washington DC showcasing the country's culture, food and tourist attractions to the hundreds cultural enthusiasts present at the event.

Visitors had the unique opportunity of tasting, many for the first time in their lives sweet Sri Lankan delicacies such as 'Kokis', Mung Kiribath, milk toffee and thala guli. Many of them were keen to taste a cup of warm Ceylon tea which offered as a compliment. Posters, brochures and publications on display explaining tourist related information saw a large gathering.

"Know Your World" was hosted by the 77 international fellows from 67 countries of the USAWC class of 2014.

The event provides opportunity for the international officers of the USAWC to present cultures, customs and traditions of their countries to the US community. U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania is the highest military educational institution in United States.