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Madumadhawa challenges Sakvithi podi sadu!
 Famous singer and member of the Colombo MC (JHU) Madhumadawa Arawinda has made a serious challenge to the Kajugahawathte Punnaji thero (AKA 18 Gurukam Sakwithi).

the samanera monk, who is alleged to have mastered the supernatural arts, had recently boasted that he could stick anyone to his chair. However, when Prof. Kalo Fonseka challenged him to stick himself in to a chair, no reply came back.

It is after that this new challenged has been brought by the famous singer Madhumadawa.

Mr. Arawinda is a topic for many talks these days due to his challenges against dark arts.

Explaining the challenge Mr. Madhumadawa said that he was born and raised as a person who does not believe in such things. He said that all this is manmade myths.

 He even humiliated these “magicians” by saying that if we had such powers, Sri Lanka would be the super power in the world.