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This is not about Sharuk Khan. This is the life-style of Indian non privilege people. +18 

























At the river side lighting the fire for cremation.




Bathing in the corpse-filled Ganges!




A corpse in the midst of the morning bathing at the Ganges, what do you think?







Note the lower right corner. What is it? Revealed in the next photo.


Washing after discarding a corpse.




 Let’s put the corpses-in-the-Ganges-River aside for a moment, and talk about Indians using the toilet. Have a look at the three pictures below… These three toilet photographs represent three levels of toilets in India. Note what is common to all of them, which is that none of them have any toilet paper, but all of them have a bucket of water at arms length… yes, you’ve guessed correctly, Indians don’t use toilet paper when using the toilet, they use their hands. After defecating, you use your left hand finger to wipe the feces around your anus, and then use the water in the bucket to wash your hand. The custom is to use your left hand to wipe your butt, so when you go into a store to select food, you mustn’t use your left hand. JY people believe, this is actually is a good habit. The first benefit is that cases of hemorrhoids are significantly lower; the second is that it can greatly save paper, good for protecting the earth’s resources and the development of green initiatives. So just by doing this, it saves a great amount of wood.



Steps on the river shore with floating corpses. Can you tell how many rotting corpses are in the water?

The tour guide said that this kind of fish in the Ganges is called “Gulang” fish, a very nice sounding name…and it is said the flavor is very good, but upon thinking of the corpses soaking in the water, the soap from the bathing, the garbage by the river…I don’t have the courage to try it, not sure if this kind of fish will have a human flesh flavor…


Accepting a holy water baptism…valiantly emerging from the water…[his] motions too fucking carefree…