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Residents across the UAE can heave a sigh of relief with the hot and humid weather forecast to take a backseat over the weekend, with a ‘significant drop in temperatures’ finally on the cards, with a burst of rainfall to add to the cooling climes.

The country’s National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has also warned of low visibility conditions with rising dust and sand conditions on Friday.

According to the weather bureau, Friday’s conditions could see a spike in the Mercury with highs hovering near the 40-degree Celsius mark, with the only respite coming in the partly cloudy skies.

The NCMS stated: “Friday will be hazy, dusty weather in general, becoming partly cloudy at times over some areas with another slight rise in day temperatures.

“Moderate to fresh southerly winds will cause blowing dust, sand and reduce horizontal visibility.”

However, Saturday will blow in some respite from the sweltering heat, with the NCMS stating further: “It will be partly cloudy in general; cloud amount will increase over some coastal areas and islands with a chance of light rain.

“There will be a significant fall of temperature over western areas and the other areas gradually.”

Meanwhile, a marine warning is in place for both days, with the NCMS stating the sea will be rough to very rough in the Arabian Gulf and choppy in the Oman Sea.