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 The UAE is sending 10,000 food baskets to help victims of the war started by the Iranian-backed Houthis and their allies, a Yemeni news network reported on Friday.

The first batch of the baskets arrived on Thursday in the central Marib governorate, east of the capital Sanaa, Masdar Online said.

It said Marib’s governor Sultan Al Aradah distributed the baskets to Yemenis who fled their war battered areas and sought refuge in the province.

“The Emirates Red Crescent will give us nearly 10,000 food baskets to help these refugees… Marib province is increasingly becoming a destination for the Yemenis fleeing the violence and oppression practised by the Houthis and their allies in some governorates and areas,” Aradah said.

“We really appreciate the role played by the UAE in helping the war victims… this is a great role played by the UAE — one hand in the war against the coup insurgents and one hand in reconstruction,” he added.

The UAE has pledged to support Yemen and fund the rebuilding of war-damaged facilities in liberated areas. It has already sent massive relief aid to Aden and other liberated areas and is financing the reconstruction of schools, hospitals, power and water networks, mosques and other facilities.