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SL among 20 least happy nations
World Happiness Report:
Sri Lanka has come 137th on a list of 156 countries in the World Happiness Report 2013.

In the report compiled by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Sri Lanka has become the lowest ranking for any South Asian country in the index.

Denmark has been declared ‘the world’s happiest country’ while Scandinavian nations dominate the 2013 World Happiness Report.

The second World Happiness Report utilised factors such as GDP, life expectancy, social support, perceptions of corruption, and freedom to make life choices, to assign each country a total score.

Denmark with 7.693 was deemed the happiest nation followed by Norway (7.655), Switzerland (7.650), the Netherlands (7.512) and Sweden (7.480). Canada (7.477), Finland (7.389), Austria (7.369), Iceland (7.355) and Australia (7.350) completed the top ten with the US coming in at 17 and the United Kingdom at 22.

Sri Lanka is among the bottom 20 countries on the index, ranking even below Mali, Uganda, the Palestinian Territories, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Haiti.

In the South Asian region, India ranks 111th. Bangladesh is in the 108 position with Nepal ranks 135th. Sri Lanka is with several Sub-Saharan African nations and Eastern European nations.