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 You might be flying in Airbus, wearing Adidas shoes and shirts, using Continental tyres in your vehicle, consuming Bayer medicines and operating SAP and Siemens systems in everyday lives. But now you can become shareholder in these and other major German blue-chip companies while sitting in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (Adib) has launched a bond whereby the UAE retail investors can buy stake in German blue-chip companies including Bayer, SAP, Siemens, Continental, Henkel, Adidas, Airbus, Deutsche Post and others which have strong export potential.

The fully-protected note requires a minimum investment of $30,000 (Dh110,000) by the retail investors to invest in German exporters.

“The two-year Shariah-compliant note is specifically tailored for risk-averse investors looking to diversify their portfolio with access to top performing German companies that export across the globe,” the bank said.

The Shariah-compliant bank however refused to disclose how much it will raise through the bond.

Adib Group posted net profit of Dh450.8 million for the first quarter of 2015, up 10.1 per cent from a year earlier.

The bank recently launched a 100 per cent capital-protected note that provides access to emerging market equities.