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Govt remain silent over SupremeSAT
The Sri Lankan government announced in June of last year that the ‘SupremeSAT-1’ satellite, launched on November 27th, 2012 with an investment commitment of 320 million US$, is the first satellite owned by Sri Lanka and it will commence providing services to the Asian region from June 20th, 2013.

President’s son Rohitha Rajapaksa and Minister Tissa Vitharana also participate in the launching of the satellite.

When the minister Tissa Vitharana was questioned whether the ‘SupremeSAT-1’ satellite commenced providing services to Asian region from June 20th he said’ Ane, I do not know anything about it. I did attend the launching but I do not have any relationship with them. Now, only from the officers at SupremeSAT you can gain information on the matter’.

Even though the situation is such today, the government spent millions on providing publicity to the launching of the satellite.