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Dubai Municipality is to implement phase one of a new global e-address system, Makani, that will allow people to locate entrances of buildings, warehouses, factories, hotels, schools, mosques, farms and mosques as well as free zones in the emirate, with effect from October.

Abdulhakim Malik, GIS Director at Dubai Municipality, revealed that the civic body was finalising contractual procedures with the contracting company of the multi-phase smart project.

He said that the Makani Number features a simple addressing system that uses 10 numbers to uniquely identify each main entrance of a building with precision level of 1 square metre.

''Phase one  will cover 40,000 buildings in 63 districts, in addition to government departments and the metro stations,'' he added.

The new Makani e-map application has many benefits, and will provide new names for streets, simplify the address system and coordinate location databases for government and private bodies.

The Makani app is available for smartphones, tablets computers, laptops, desktops, and automotive navigation systems, with voice navigation feature, among others, and is free.

The application for smart geo address, Malik noted, will make Dubai the first city in the world to use numbers to locate places with high accuracy through an interactive map.

"When you click on any building on the map, the building outline with its entrance(s) will be highlighted and each entrance will be pointed out by a pin. Makani Numbers will label each pin on the map.