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The FIFA and AFC Performance Programme in Sri Lanka commenced August 7 and ends August 13. The programme covers all management functions.

The Performance programme is the fruit of several decades worth of experience and careful consideration within FIFA on the subject of football development at global level.

It has been developed to respond to the evolution of the world game and address the specific needs of FIFA’s member associations, while being made possible due to the will of all parties involved to work together to constantly improve and

propel FIFA’s member associations to reach their maximum potential, both on and off the pitch.

The delegates will meet all strake-holders, including all Directors of FFSL, Executive Committee Members, Sports Ministry officials, NOC officials, sponsors, media personnel, club officials, league officials etc., in order to develop a workable and achievable strategy for better performance.

FIFA/AFC Delegates

James Johnson, Senior Manager, Member Association, FIFA, Brendan Menton, Consultant for FIFA Performance,

Stuart Larman, Facility and Infrastructure Manager for Member Associations, FIFA,

Frederis Guillemont, Senior Manager, Performance, FIFA,

Shaji Prabhakaran, Development Officer, South and Central Asia, FIFA, Vincent Subramanian, Technical Development Officer, FIFA, Kaita Sugihara, Head of Development, AFC and Yogesh Desai, Administrator, Development, AFC.