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             'Inflammable liquid used in Kachcheri fire'

Colombo Kachcheri building had been kept on fire with a highly inflammable liquid, Police said citing the Govt. Analyst’s report. Govt. Analyst’s final report on the Colombo Kachcheri building fire of November 27 was handed over to the Colombo District DIG yesterday (28). The fire had broken out at the right side of the upper floor of the Kachcheri building, according to the report, Police further said. No one was taken into custody on the incident yet and the investigations were being conducted to take culprits in to the book, Police said. Police also said a lot of important information was revealed according to the report and the investigations had taken a new trend. The Kachcheri fire broke out on November 27. Due to the fire a lot of important documents and equipment at Accounts Division, Administrative Division and Planning Division were destroyed. Colombo Distract Secretary Kamal Padmasiri said that at the moment the field inspections were finished and therefore the building could be used again.