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Mother feeds dead son for 5 days
An incident has reported from Nugegoda where a mother has fed her dead son for 5 days at their house.

The incident is as follows. A mother (60) has been living with her son (27) at their house located in Nugegoda, Gangodawila. Both mother and son have been suffering from a certain psychiatric disorder.

The son has suddenly died on a bed and out of the love for her son the mother has been feeding him for 5 days. Since she also has been suffering from a psychiatric disorder she might have not realized that her son is dead.

Since the house has been emanating a stench the neighbours have inquired and when they visited the house the mother has stated ‘ see how my lovely son is eating, he is eating well’.

After realizing that the son has died the neighbours have informed Mirihana Police regarding the incident. The police who probed the situation have taken the remains of the son to Colombo South Teaching Hospital.