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As Brussels Airport remains closed another day in wake of the devastating terror attack in the Belgium capital on Tuesday, passengers travelling from the Gulf may rebook their flights, with alternative airport options.

Emirates flight EK183 Dubai-Brussels and return, EK184, remains cancelled on March 23, with yesterday’s EK183 diverted to Dusseldorf airport and the return also cancelled following the Brussels Airport closure.

Those booked on EK183 on March 23 from Dubai to Brussels will find their tickets rebooked onto EK55/March 23 from Dubai to Dusseldorf, scheduled to arrive in Dusseldorf at 1245 local time.

Customers must make their own ground transport arrangements to Brussels.

Passengers booked on those flights are requested to get in touch with the airline’s call centre or travel agents for rebooking.

In an earlier update, the airline had said that due to the ongoing closure of Brussels Airport and uncertainty about its reopening time EK184/March 23 flight from Brussels to Dubai was rescheduled to depart from Dusseldorf Airport.

All customers who were booked on EK184/March 23 from Brussels were automatically rebooked onto this service from Dusseldorf.

Customers who did not wish to take this flight could rebook on an alternative flight from Dusseldorf or other Emirates European departure point by contacting its call centres.

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways’ flight EY058 from Brussels to Abu Dhabi has been delayed.

The airline posted in a statement: “Etihad Airways is closely monitoring the situation and will provide regular updates on the status.

“The airline is offering guests who have purchased tickets on and before March 22, 2016, for travel to/from/via Brussels until March 29, with rebooking options.”

Qatar Airways has also said it flights to and from Brussels Airport may be subject to delay or cancellations following the closure of the airport.

Passengers holding booked tickets are advised to call Qatar Airways’ 24-hour call centre for more information and the rebooking options being made available to them.

Brussels Airport update

In a statement on its website, the airport authority confirmed the airport would remain closed as it has no access to the building.

The full statement reads:

“Brussels Airport extends its deepest sympathy to the friends and relatives of the victims of the explosions in the departures hall earlier this morning.

“Following these attacks, there will be no flights into and out of Brussels Airport tomorrow [Wednesday].

“Because the forensic investigation is still underway, we currently have no access to the building. It is therefore impossible for us to assess the damage. As a result the airport will remain closed to air traffic tomorrow.”

Brussels Airport CEO Arnaud Feist said they were fully collaborating with the judicial and police services but until the investigation is complete, ‘nobody is allowed to enter the departures hall, including the airport staff’.

“In the course of Wednesday we will assess when the operations can be resumed.

“Passengers are requested to contact their airline for further instructions.”