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Dubai Airports closed down its airspace for nearly half an hour on Wednesday morning following an unauthorised drone activity in the secure zone.

A Dubai Airports confirmed the same, adding the closure resulted in a number of flight delays, with full operations taking nearly an hour to ensure the security of all travellers.

In a detailed statement, the spokesperson said: "Airspace around Dubai International was closed from 8.08am to 8.35am this morning due to unauthorised drone activity resulting in a number of delays at the airport.

"Arrival operations resumed at 8.35am and departures at 8.40am with some restrictions."

The spokesperson added: "Full operations were resumed at 9.07am. Dubai Airports is working closely with its stakeholders to minimise customer inconvenience.

"Safety is our top priority and Dubai Airports reminds all UAV operators that any and all activities are not permitted unless authorised by regulatory authorities and are strictly prohibited in restricted areas including within five kilometres of any airport or landing area."