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"Hansanganawi", a step away from Hip-Hop
 A novel type of song which has stepped a bit outside the Pop and Hip-Hop trend could be seen in TV channels these days.

This song which is named “Hansanganawi”  is sung by Vihangun Ariyaratne, who has also created the melody and the lyrics of this song.

The visuals of this song has been directed by Prasanna Andradi.

Vihangun, who is a talented singer in the young generation has already made his contribution to the world of cinema by creating the 2 songs in the “Cinderella” movie which will hit the silver-screen soon.

Interestingly, he is not only the singer, but also the lyricist and the melody composer of these songs.

Entering the field as a child singer, Vihangun's voice is heard even in the theme song of the famous cartoon, “Highlander”.