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The minimum monthly income of public servants will be increased to Rs 25,000 inclusive of a CoL allowance increase up to Rs 2,200 with effect from January 2015, President Mahinda Rajapaksa announced today.

The new National Salaries Commission appointed last year has proposed revisions to the 2006 salary structure and therefore a new salary structure will be put into effect from January 2015, he said during the second reading of the Budget.

Accordingly the special allowance provided to state employees will be added to their basic salary while the minimum salary will be increased to Rs 15,000 per month.

The cost of living (CoL) allowance provided to all state employees will be increased by Rs 2,200 to Rs 10,000 from January 2015.

“Hence the minimum monthly income of a government sector employee will increase to Rs 25,000.”

Meanwhile the President also proposed that the minimum wage of private sector employees be increased to Rs 10,000 and also an increment of Rs 500 to private sector employees receiving a wage of over Rs 10,000.

He also proposed an increase in the allowance provided to university lecturers, doctors and judicial officers respectively.