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Summer is over and many industries in the UAE are hiring.
According to the latest data by Monster Middle East, last month was good for jobseekers in the country as there was a substantial 36 per cent increase in online vacancies, compared over the same period last year.
In fact, the growth has been quite remarkable and has put the UAE in the top spot in terms of year-on-year growth rate when compared to the remaining GCC countries and Egypt.
Of all the industries that are generating jobs now, healthcare is one bright area in the country.
The sector registered a 44 per cent year-on-year growth in online jobs.
This staggering increase reflects the vision of the UAE to become a hub for medical tourism, with Dubai alone planning to attract more than 500,000 medical tourists by 2020, effective healthcare hiring is in demand to accommodate the emirates ambitious plans.
This is followed by jobs in retail/trade and logistics with a 24 per cent growth and IT and Telecom/ISP with a 22 per cent over the same period of time.
Regionally, online hiring activity exceeded the year-ago level in nine of the 12 monitored industry sectors and hiring levels have picked up.
Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), up 35 per cent leads the all-monitored sector, charting the steepest year-on-year growth.
It is notable however, that the growth rate has moderated significantly from the previous months.
The three-month growth rate is a negative 16 per cent. Clearly, the pace of job creation in the sector has eased.
The sector has recorded a 14 per cent drop in opportunities on the month as well, reveals the data.
Of all the countries monitored by the index, IT and telecom/ISP registered a 30 per cent growth in opportunities from the year-ago; second highest growth among all industry sectors.
The growth momentum, nevertheless, eased 12 percentage points between July and August 2015.
For the first time since January 2015 the three-month growth rate is negative (down by three per cent) pointing towards a slowdown in the rate of hiring in the sector.
The year-on-year growth momentum has also improved in the healthcare sector.
A 16 per cent growth in opportunities year-on-year is the highest registered this year.
This was also the only sector to record a positive month-on-month growth among all industry sectors this month; up 11 per cent.
The year-on-year growth rate in the education sector (up 22 per cent) remained unruffled.
However, the pace of recruitment has slowed in the recent months reflected by negative trends on three-month and six-month.